The Accident.

10 Aug

Some people hate mondays because they don’t want their weekend to end. I hate Mondays because my infamous bad luck always seems to strike twice as hard for some reason. Yesterday was a doosey. I had work at 10 am, and like I always do, I got dropped off. For those of you who don’t know, I work in Pioneer square in Downtown Portland. Its a busy area, a lot like Union Square in San Francisco. You have sky scrapers, MAX lines, a street car, taxis, cops, pedestrians, etc whizzing in front of my workplace 24-7. Okay, well obviosly the skyscrapers aren’t “whizzing”, but you get the idea.

This is right in front of my work.

Photo courtesy of Oregon Live

I opt to get dropped off for work because I don’t want to fuck around with parking garages 40 hours a week. You can see from the above photo that it’s typically a zoo. We pull up to the corner of 5th and Morrison every day, wait for a red light, I hop out and walk into my building. Yesterday while doing just that a massive accident occurred.

The light turned red, I opened my door and put a foot out onto the street. Just then the most intense impact hit my door and my arm. I saw a man laying in the gutter next to me, wailing. It literally took me a full minute to process what I was seeing. I was scared. My first instinct was to jump out of the car to see if this man was okay. We were holding up traffic at this point, though and needed to be off this major street. I told ross to drive and we pulled around the corner and I got out. The door was completely bent back on its hinges and wouldn’t shut. I looked up and the man was still lying in the road on Morrison, his bike on the sidewalk and he was attracting a large crowd. People were on their cell phones calling 911. I called work to let them know I was most definitely going to be late. I told them to look out our second-story window if they wanted to see for themselves what a fuckery I was in.

I rush over to the man to see if he was okay. What had happened was he rode his bike into my open car door. I could tell the man was a transient. All he said to me was “Lady, I hope you got money”. A hippie woman was holding his hand and crying. She yelled at me for being a careless motorist. The rest of the crowd started chiming in, saying things about “another bicyclist being hit by a careless motorist”. I Let them know that I didn’t hit anyone or anything. This man ran into my stopped car. After I said that, the crowd started to disperse. The man wouldn’t get up or move. He was going on and on about his various health problems. After snapping out of my initial shock, I started to realize what was happening here. I thought that maybe this guy was looking for some quick cash and free medical care. I was further convinced of this as he kept telling people “this rich lady hit me”. I was especially dressed up that day.

The cops started showing up. About 5 or 6 people had called 911 when they saw the man laying in the street. Then came the fire trucks and the ambulances. Morrison became blocked off because the man refused to get up. The MAX blue line had to be halted. People were crowding the streets to watch. On-lookers were pointing and yelling at me. Finally a cop came to talk to me. One of the very first people that saw the whole thing happened to be a lawyer. He told the cop that he thought this guy was trying to pull a scam. The lawyer left and the cop came to talk to me. Cop #1 was laughing slightly and took my statement. Cops 2-6 came and talked to me, all laughing slightly and being really cool, actually.

This cop noticed me taking this pic and smiled.

The head EMT on the scene came and let me know they saw no signs of trauma and would be taking the man to the hospital for further tests. The cops dismissed me. Relatively speaking, the whole statement process was quick and painless. No witnesses were interviewed. That’s probably good, considering hippie lady seemed ready to nail me to a cross. Bad because I could have used lawyer dude’s input on record, probably.

I have no idea what, if anything will come of this. Do I blame that man for taking an opportunity when he saw one, if that’s what he did? No. Times are tough out there. Life is a survival game. If this man was desperate enough to ride full-force into my car to get a hospital visit then I think he really needed it. I have no idea what will happen to me as a result or how much it will cost.

I had to clock in immediately after and start working. What a shitty day. As soon as I clocked out, I got word of a friend dying. It truly was a terrible Monday. Stay tuned friends for further updated on this matter.

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