Ghost Hunting

1 Feb

Monday evening I found myself at a paranormal investigation. How does something like this even happen? How, indeed. It all began as I was walking my dog and saw a Facebook post about a gathering of friends at The Foggy Notion in my neighborhood. I almost didn’t go, but at previous gatherings with this group of friends there has been free food. I hadn’t eaten dinner and the bar was right on my way home so I decided to pop in. The invite said the event started at 7, so I was a bit perplexed when I arrived at 7:45 to find the bar locked up and dark. I called my friend and he assured me this gathering was happening and he let me in. I then discovered there was no food but there was a paranormal investigation being set up and about to begin. My friend then but a chalkboard sign out in front of the bar with a simple picture of a ghost drawn on it so the other ghost hunters would know they found the right place. Surreal doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt as I sat down and eyed the equipment set-up and realized that yes I was here and yes this was happening.  The owner told me that she believed the bar was haunted and hired people to come in and see if they could find proof.

Ok.  The bar is a little creepy.


Ross inquiring about some of their equipment.


The woman in the above picture was running the show. She told us some of her best ghost encounter stories. She also was pleased to have Ham there, as animals attract spirits. She told me she was able to write off all the expenses for her two cats because she uses them frequently on the job to detect ghosts. Ham, for the record, showed no signs of distress in the bar so its unclear whether she sensed any spirits.

Night vision cameras.  Use caution.


For your next party.

Before the hunt began, my friend Jed regaled me with a story of the one and only time he had ever been to Fresno. He said his band played a show there once, most likely at the then ‘Club Fred’ and due to a series of unfortunate events was asked to leave town by Fresno P.D. It had to do with their pornographic flyer, someone threatening a bank teller and a pyrotechnics accident. Anyway, if you’re going to have just one story about Fresno, it should be something like that.


A brief bathroom break and the hunt begins.

Ghost Dog.


The group getting an introduction and some info on what will take place.


The group was handed EMF detectors, heat sensors, pendulums and divining rods, and we were encouraged to seek out unusual disturbances.



For some reason the right side of Jed’s beard was getting a strong reaction.


Comparing results.

The ghost hunting crew then turned all the lights out in the bar. We gathered in a circle around a sound amplifier to see if we could communicate with any spirits and if we could hear them trying to speak with us. I could only describe it as a cross between the noise a police scanner makes mixed with an experimental noise band. We asked all kinds of questions and came to find out that there were 8 ghosts occupying the bar, one who’s name was Rachel. This attempt to communicate with the spirits went on for the next hour.

The sound amplifier.


Night-vision video.  What the hell is that??


The evening finished up with the determination that all the spirits in the bar were friendly ones and posed no threat. Rachel had even told the owner she wanted to be friends. A dog named Bullet apparently was affected by the spirits present as he lay into Ross’ arm and humped it. Perhaps it was Rachel?


The Dog displaying the strength of a sex-starved female.



One Response to “Ghost Hunting”

  1. JohnJayJay October 1, 2012 at 12:35 am #

    This sort of thing has always fascinated me…specifically the science behind it. I have an interest in physics, and when you learn what a trip quantum theory is, you begin to think the existence of ghosts (or whatever you want to call them) may be possible. I even went to a local cemetery (rumored to be haunted) once with a roll of infrared and black and white film hoping to capture an image of…something (having read about how film captures things unseen by the naked eye). Needless to say, the endeavor was fruitless…but like Fox Mulder, I want to believe. The hopeful skeptic, etc. Same goes for UFO’s, most economic theory, political rhetoric, relationships, Yelp reviews, most music released post 2000, and late night infomercials.

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